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When I think of school, the first image that comes to mind is an old, Victorian-style building..

Willows Pre-School took the lease of this dilapidated building, in the belief that we could bring our evidenced based teaching to the modern era. After the considerable, architect-based investment, we replaced the old heating system with air conditioning, installed new windows, and repainted the interior. We also added new furniture and updated the electrical and plumbing systems. We have converted a Victorian-built school into a modern facility. The old school was designed for a different era and no longer met the needs of today’s children. The new school is brighter, more spacious, and more comfortable. It is also better equipped to deal with the hot summers we have been having lately. The air conditioning has made a huge difference to the students and staff, and we are all very grateful for it.

The result is a bright, spacious school that is well-equipped to meet the needs of 21st-century learners. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and are confident that our school will provide a great education for years to come.

We are proud to be able to offer the same high standards of care and education in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our nursery is situated in a purpose-built building, which has been designed specifically for early years provision. We have a large outdoor play area, which is stimulating and safe for our children to explore.

At Willows, we understand that parents entrust us with their most precious possessions-their children. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we are continually striving to provide the best possible care for our young charges. Parents tell us that they value our minibus trips to places such as science museums, farms and parks, as these outings provide a valuable opportunity for learning and discovery. They also appreciate the high level of qualifications held by our staff, as this ensures that their children are receiving the best possible care and instruction. Finally, parents value our recognised commitment to early years nutrition, as this helps to ensure that their children are getting the healthy start they need to thrive. We are proud to be able to offer all of these things to the families in our care, and we will continue to work hard to meet and exceed their expectations.

The WillowsWay® is an organic approach to early years education, responding to and incorporating the very latest evidence-based advances that are born out of a love for early childhood education and a desire to create an environment where children could flourish. We believe that every child is unique and deserves to be respected as an individual. We believe that every child is unique and deserves to be respected as an individual. We provide a warm, nurturing environment where children feel safe to explore, learn, and grow. We are committed to supporting each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our highly qualified staff provides individualised attention and care to ensure that each child reaches his or her full potential. Hammersmith Nursery is proud to be a part of the WillowsWay® family and looks forward to continuing to provide outstanding care and education for years to come.

Organic Learning

Immerse your child in a stimulating, nature-inspired environment that fosters curiosity and exploration through play-based activities and natural materials.

Constant Evolution

Our innovative curriculum adapts to the latest research, ensuring your child is prepared for anything.

Proven Success

Since 2009, we’ve helped countless children get the best start, with many seamlessly transitioning into top local schools.

Located on the boundary of Hammersmith and Chiswick, Willows is a modern conversion of a Victorian school, and it’s lovely. Set behind high brick walls, the children love the free flow of learning in the bespoke rooms or the fabulous outdoor space. It’s clear that the school has been designed with the children’s needs in mind. The children are so lucky to have such a beautiful, modern learning environment that has clearly been designed with their needs in mind.

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Willows Pre-School
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Email: hammersmith@willowspreschool.org.uk

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