Multi-Cultural Day!

Multi-Cultural Day!

Today at Willows Pre-school we are celebrating our differences through Multi-Cultural Day! Each year, we ask the children and staff to come to the nursery wearing clothes from different countries and cultures. We celebrate the different cultures we all come from in a range of ways throughout the year, but today is a special day we dedicate to looking at our backgrounds in more depth.

Cultural diversity refers to a variety of ethnic groups or cultures being present within society. This society should aim to acknowledge these cultural differences, empower all through inclusivity, and value others. It can also mean that society recognises that there are people with different religious beliefs and sexual orientations to us.

The very ethos of our nursery encompasses and celebrates diversity in our classrooms.  Of course, when children grow up, they’ll be experiencing a country that’s full of cultural diversities. By allowing children to celebrate diversity, they’ll have a better understanding of others. Not only can it allow children to understand equality for all (meaning equal opportunities), but also equity (meaning to provide the tools for people to succeed, when coming from different places in life).

By celebrating diversity, they’ll also grow up with a rich understanding of connecting with others despite cultural differences. In turn, this can impact on their ability to empathise with others and improve critical thinking skills. If you allow your school setting to celebrate cultural diversity, children can also feel comfortable being their authentic selves in a safe space.

By becoming accepting of other cultures, this can also contribute to positive mental health and well-being for all children, continuing into adulthood. Children can also learn about human rights, considering how cultural diversity plays a part in equal opportunities, and how they can stand up for the rights of all.

Throughout the year we offer a range of ways to celebrate cultural diversity through books. These books are stories from around the world for children to feel inspired and included with their culture and their friends’ cultures. They also help children to think about wider concepts and morals they may not have been exposed to otherwise. 

We have a range of toys such as dolls, animals, and foods from around the world for the children to use their imagination and express themselves in a way they feel represents them the most. These toys also expose the other children to food, animals, etc. they may not have otherwise seen or tasted before. 

This leads to our inclusive and diverse menu! Each week, the children try foods from around the world. From dal to stir fry to curries and pies, the children are exposed to a diverse and healthy range of meals each week.

We love how diverse our Willows community is and enjoy celebrating our unique and individual cultures and heritages every day.