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What your child eats can greatly affect their mood and ability to concentrate. At Willows Pre-School, we provide balanced, nutritious meals to ensure that your child’s brain and body are fueled for learning and growth. A healthy diet helps reduce inflammation in the body, which is linked to lower stress levels and better emotional health. We are proud to announce that Willows is one of only two pre-schools in the whole of London to be awarded the SPECIALIST Quality Mark by the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, highlighting our commitment to exceptional nutritional standards.

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Investing in your child’s future

You have joined a growing number of parents who clearly understand the global changes to the world and why now, more than at any other time in recent history, it is essential for all children to excel as unique individuals. We believe that all young children deserve the best start in life. Therefore, when we created our Wimbledon Nursery in 2009 the WillowsWay® was born. The WillowsWay® is organic, constantly being refined and four years later our Colliers Wood Nursery and Pre-School followed in 2013.

As of today, the WillowsWay® is taught across three beautiful settings with our Hammersmith Nursery and Pre-School following in 2018.

At the time of the opening of our Wimbledon Nursery in 2009, nurseries were seen more as a place where children could be looked after whilst Mum went to work. In the preceding 10 years, however, the sector developed without any particular focus and had become fragmented, with a range of different types of nurseries available.

Childcare is a fragmented sector

The term “Childcare” is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of activities, from simply supervising children to more active pedagogical approaches.

Thus, using the term “Childcare” to describe all provisions that cater for early years can be misleading, as it implies that all forms of childcare are equally valuable. Different approaches to childcare can have very different outcomes for children.

For example, simply providing basic supervision may be sufficient in some cases, but in other cases, children may benefit from more active engagement.

As such, it is important to choose the right form of childcare for each individual child. Our Hammersmith Nursery / Pre-School, Wimbledon Nursery / Pre -School and Colliers Wood Nursery / Pre -School offer a world-class pedagogy.

By understanding the different options available, parents can choose appropriately to ensure that their children have the very best start.

Measuring Quality

Ofsted, on balance is a force for good and It is widely accepted that Ofsted inspections are an important part of ensuring that early years settings are providing a high standard of care and education.

However, there is growing concern that the current system is not always proportionate in its assessment of settings and does not value what Parents tell us is important to them.  For example, a setting that offers world-class education could be marked down for something as trivial as children not serving themselves at lunch.

This is not what parents value. There is a need for a more nuanced approach that considers the unique strengths and challenges of each setting.

Willows has developed an in-house App that measures objectively, the quality of teaching, the environment and the progress of children not only towards the early learning goals but also a more nuanced perspective involving the characteristics of effective learning.  We trialled this at our Colliers Wood nursery and are pleased to say it is a fabulous tool to maintain a high-quality teaching environment.

Together with leading educators, we are convinced that this objective approach is a superior and more meaningful assessment of what a preschool has to offer.

Wimbledon Nursery/Preschool led the way in delivering excellence.

Willows is committed to providing an education that goes beyond basic childcare, and we believe that parents play a vital role in this process. We work closely with parents to ensure that your children are developing into curious, engaged, resilient and kind individuals.

Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of a child’s development are considered, and we provide a range of support to families. We know that every child is unique, and we strive to create an environment in which all children can thrive, and together we provide the best possible education for your children.

Invest in your child’s future

Your child’s future depends on getting off to the best possible start in life. And that means giving them the best possible education – an education that will set them up for success in whatever field they choose to pursue. Sadly, not all children have access to such an education.

But those who do have access to it, and who take advantage of it, are the ones who will go on to change the world. So yes, the cost of high-quality early years education is high. But the cost of not using a world-class approach to early years is even higher. Choose wisely for your child’s sake.

Quality Teaching at Willows

Teaching is a complex and challenging profession, requiring both knowledge and skills. When it comes to early childhood education and care, there is a debate about what qualifications teachers should have.

It is well-known that young children are like sponges, soaking up information and imitating the behaviours they observe around them. As such, it is essential that those who work with young children have a strong understanding of how young children learn. This is where Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) comes in.

QTS provides educators with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively ignite the brains of nursery-aged children. Ultimately, the decision about what qualifications a preschool values rests with individual schools and organizations.

Hence the fragmented offerings within the sector. We believe that the minimum is simply not good enough for your children. 

What Parents tell us is important.

But what about you? As a parent, you want what is best for your child. You want them to be happy and healthy, have all your opportunities, and be well prepared for this rapidly changing world.

You also know that the early years are the most critical time for your child’s development, which is why you are so ambitious for them. You recognize that every experience they have, every interaction they have, and every opportunity they have to learn and grow, is valuable. And you want to ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

Wimbledon, Colliers Wood & Hammersmith

World class Nursery / Pre-school

In addition, Willows continual coaching approach ensures that our teachers understand how best to support your children in their learning. We are the leading preschool in Southwest London in gaining assessment entry into the local world-class schools; an independent validation of what we do.

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