Registering with Willows Pre-School

Discover the Magic of Willowsway® Before You Join the Waitlist

Before joining our waiting list, we warmly invite you to experience the unique learning environment of Willows firsthand. Schedule a tour of one of our three pre-school/Nurseries and:

  • Immerse yourself in our vibrant atmosphere: Witness firsthand the joy of learning as our children explore, play, and collaborate in our thoughtfully designed classrooms.
  • Meet our dedicated team: Connect with our passionate educators and learn about their expertise in fostering early childhood development.
  • Unlock the secrets of Willowsway®: Gain a comprehensive understanding of our innovative approach to early learning.
  • Ask your questions: Our admissions team is here to address any questions you may have about our curriculum, daily routines, or the application process.

A visit to any three Willows Pre-Schools is an opportunity to see why so many families choose us for their child’s early education journey. Schedule your visit today and discover a world of learning, laughter, and growth for your child!

Scheduling Your Visit

To schedule your visit, please use our online booking system

Tour With Our Principal

During your visit, our Principal will be delighted to guide you through our spaces, explain our pedagogy, discuss our values, and show you how we cultivate a nurturing, innovative, and inclusive learning environment for our children.

It’s a fantastic chance to ask any questions and understand what makes Willows Pre-school unique.

Joining the Waiting List

If your visit to Willows Pre-School has left you wanting more, we’d be happy to welcome you to our waiting list. Joining the list ensures you’ll be among the first to know about upcoming openings and receive priority consideration when they become available.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Simple Registration: Our team will guide you through a smooth and straightforward registration process.
  • Transparent Waiting List: We manage our waiting list with fairness and transparency for all families. You’ll receive regular updates on your position and upcoming enrollment opportunities.
  • Priority Consideration: Being on the waiting list gives you a head start when enrollment spots open up.

Don’t miss out! Secure your child’s spot today

Stay Connected

Empower your child’s growth! Explore our website for the latest education, nutrition, exercise, and more articles. Discover upcoming events, heartwarming stories, and insights from Willows Pre-School.” that provides more details and a stronger call to action:

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Explore our website and discover a treasure trove of resources designed to support your child’s development.

Willows Pre-School

Your Questions Matter

Should you have any immediate questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our senior manager at

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our growing family and appreciate your interest in Willows Pre-school.