Wimbledon Willows Preschool and Road Safety.

Wimbledon Willows Preschool and Road Safety.

This week at Willows Pre-school Wimbledon we’ve been learning all about road safety!

We’ve had multiple road-themed activities for our Monkeys and Elephants to partake in including drawing large chalk roads in our garden, making traffic lights and driving cars around a huge road made from cardboard boxes in our main room.

They also took part in a sequencing activity about when to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN before crossing the road. The children then practised this in the garden taking turns crossing the chalk road.

Our Lions and Dolphins have begun to learn about a few different road signs and made their own stop signs.

On Wednesday all of our learning culminated in a Willows Pre-school Wimbledon whole group trip to Dundonald park to practice crossing the road safely. The lovely Edyta dressed up as a lolly-pop lady equipped with a homemade STOP sign much to the entertainment of the children! The children shouted out when it was time for them to “STOP! LOOK! LISTEN!” at the edge of the road before safely crossing to the other side.

At the park, the children took part in some forest school activities and collected a range of natural resources to bring back to the nursery to use in upcoming activities.