Wimbledon Nursery Yoga and Gratitude cards

Wimbledon Nursery Yoga and Gratitude cards

Willows Wimbledon: Where Yoga Meets Gratitude (and Bouncy Balls!)

At Willows Wimbledon Nursery, we don’t just learn our ABCs, we also learn how to take a deep breath and appreciate all the good things in life! Every day, our little learners embark on a special journey of relaxation and thankfulness.

Bouncing into Gratitude:

The adventure starts with some fun bouncy ball exercises. We’ve got these cool breathing balls that help the children practice taking deep breaths and calming their bodies. They love hopping around and feeling the air fill their lungs – it’s like a mini bouncy castle for their insides!

Grateful Hearts, Happy Faces:

But the fun doesn’t stop there! These bouncy balls double as a springboard for gratitude. We use them alongside special “Gratitude Cards” that spark conversations about what makes them happy. Some giggle and say, “I’m grateful for my mummy and daddy!” Others proudly announce, “I’m grateful for my friends and teachers!” Sometimes, a thoughtful soul will declare, “I’m grateful for the food we eat because some children don’t have enough!” These simple words are a heartwarming reminder of the big things in life, even for our little ones.

Yoga Time: From Bouncing to Bending:

Once their gratitude tanks are full, it’s time for Yoga! Those deep breaths they practiced with the bouncy balls come in handy again. Yoga helps them move slowly and breathe deeply, which gets their blood flowing and warms up their muscles. Holding different yoga poses is like a super-fun game that builds their strength and flexibility – all while feeling nice and relaxed.

Ready to Learn (and Have More Fun!):

The combination of bouncy ball breathing, heart-filling gratitude, and gentle yoga is the perfect recipe for a happy and focused morning. These sessions are a favorite at Willows Wimbledon – the children practically jump for joy when it’s time to set up! By starting the day with relaxation and appreciation, they’re ready to tackle anything, from finger painting to exploring the alphabet – all with a smile on their face and a grateful heart.