Wimbledon Nursery went to Deen City Farm

Wimbledon Nursery went to Deen City Farm

City Slickers Turned Farm Explorers: Willows Wimbledon’s Elephant Group Visits Deen City Farm!

This week, the Elephant Group (ages 2-3) at Willows Wimbledon Nursery traded their usual classroom for a farmyard adventure! Their destination? Deen City Farm, an urban oasis buzzing with furry and feathered friends.

Fueling Up for Fun:

The adventure began with a delicious pit stop in the farm’s playground. Picnic baskets overflowing with juicy apples and golden bananas fueled the little explorers before they embarked on their exciting journey.

From Clucking Chicks to Moo-vellous Cows:

First on the agenda: the chicken coop! The children were wide-eyed as they learned about the amazing transformation from a tiny egg to a fluffy chick. They giggled at the antics of the clucking hens and learned all about the fascinating life cycle of these feathered friends.

The barnyard bonanza continued with visits to the friendly cows, the playful goats, and the ever-chubby pigs. Each encounter brought squeals of delight and a chance to learn about these farmyard favorites.

Small Wonders and a Furry Surprise:

Next, the group ventured into the “small animal section,” a treasure trove of furry (and sometimes feathery) friends. But here’s where things got really interesting: the ferret enclosure! The children couldn’t help but giggle as they spotted a ball pit – just like the one they have back at Willows Wimbledon! It seems ferrets and toddlers share a love for playtime antics.

Meeting Archimedes the Wise:

The excitement continued with a special chat with a friendly animal handler. They learned all about Archimedes, a wise old owl who, believe it or not, is almost the same age as them (a cool 3 years old!). The children were fascinated to discover that Archimedes enjoys a rather unique diet – insects, reptiles, and even the occasional mouse! (Don’t worry, the mice were ethically sourced!)

Time to Head Home (and Refuel with Yummy Food):

As the farmyard fun drew to a close, it was time for the Elephant Group to head back to Willows Wimbledon. But before tucking them in for naptime, a special treat awaited! Chef Beverley had whipped up a delicious Salmon Wellington, the perfect ending to a day filled with farmyard adventure!

This trip to Deen City Farm was a sensory overload in the best way possible. The children not only learned about different animals but also discovered the joy of exploration and the wonder of the natural world. They returned to Willows Wimbledon with a newfound appreciation for these furry and feathered friends, and of course, a story (or two) to share with their classmates!