Willows Met with the Community Support Officer Simon

Willows Met with the Community Support Officer Simon

Willows Preschool Learns About Community Helpers: A Visit from a Real-Life Hero!

Continuing their exploration of “People Who Help Us,” Willows Wimbledon Pre-School welcomed a special guest: Simon, a Community Support Officer (CSO)!

Simon shared his exciting role with the children, explaining what a CSO does and how they contribute to a safe and secure community. The children were captivated, eager to learn about this important job.

Engaging Questions and CSI Fun:

The session was a whirlwind of curiosity! Willows’ enthusiastic learners peppered Simon with questions, eager to understand the world of community support. The highlight for many? Having their fingerprints taken – a thrilling experience that felt straight out of a detective show!

From Inspiration to Imagination:

The visit sparked a fire of imagination in the classroom. Children donned makeshift police officer uniforms (courtesy of their dress-up corner) and eagerly reenacted scenarios, practicing how to help others. This engaging role-play not only solidified their learning but also fostered valuable social skills like collaboration and problem-solving.

Safety First: Building Confidence and Knowledge:

The teachers, recognizing the children’s keen interest, went a step further. They incorporated safety discussions into their “learning moments,” emphasizing the importance of personal safety and what to do in an emergency. Activities based on the “People Who Help Us” theme further reinforced these crucial lessons, empowering the children with knowledge and confidence.

This visit from Simon, the CSO, was a resounding success! By combining an engaging guest speaker with interactive activities and safety discussions, Willows Pre-School fostered a love for learning and instilled a valuable sense of community in their young students.