Three Little Pigs - Traditional Tales

Three Little Pigs – Traditional Tales

Oink, Oink! The Three Little Pigs Build a Blast at Willows Pre-School!

At Willows Pre-School – Wimbledon Nursery, the new year kicked off with a delightful adventure – the tale of the Three Little Pigs! We embarked on a week-long journey filled with storytelling, imaginative play, and a touch of friendly competition (because let’s face it, who built the strongest house?).

Bringing the Story to Life:

Our adventure began with a captivating reading of the classic story. We used colourful props and adorable puppets to bring the characters to life, sparking the children’s imaginations and ensuring everyone understood the tale.

Building Bonanza:

The fun didn’t stop there! Throughout the week, our classrooms transformed into mini-construction zones. We set up “tuff trays” filled with exciting story elements – straw, sticks, bricks, pigs (of course!), and even a mischievous wolf! The children enthusiastically built their own houses, experimenting with different materials just like the Three Little Pigs.


By the end of the week, the children were ready to showcase their creativity. We transformed our space into a puppet show stage, and each child proudly presented their interpretation of the story, retelling the classic tale to their peers. It was a heartwarming display of storytelling magic!

What’s Next? Goldilocks and the Three Bears Await!

Our storytelling adventures don’t end here! Next up, we’ll be diving into the world of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Get ready for another week of interactive storytelling, creative play, and perhaps even a taste of porridge (just the “just right” kind, of course!).

As with the Three Little Pigs, we’ll encourage the children to not only retell the story but also explore their imaginations by coming up with their own endings and discussing the important lessons hidden within the tale.

Stay tuned for more exciting learning adventures at Willows Pre-School Wimbledon!