The Importance of Reading Books to Children

The Importance of Reading Books to Children

Written by Helen Giuntini

Our children’s learning begins as soon as they are born. It is important to encourage all children to learn to LOVE books. Reading with them helps in all areas of life and their development and helps them learn everyday skills, speech and language and communication, understanding of the world, and PSED.  They listen and learn pre-reading skills.

It is a known fact that children who enjoy reading from early years upwards are more likely to become good keen readers. Looking at books will teach children the skills of turning pages, counting, noticing details in a storyline, and being able to retell stories. Children learn new words and their meanings and are able to use words in the correct context.   Books answer a lot of questions and will help build their general knowledge.

Reading Tips: Always make the story and reading time special for all children. Build it into your daily routine.  It is a special individual time for both you and your child.  Find a quiet cosy area and snuggle up together. Start with picture books, cloth books, and books for the bath. Sensory books are particularly important for children with additional needs. There are feely books as well as aromatic books. Braille books are available for children with poor vision from the library along with story CDs. Use props wherever possible e.g. puppets.

Following on from reading familiar stories you could:

  • do a creative activity
  • act out sequences from the story using dressing-up clothes and props
  • draw pictures of the story
  • copy words from the book
  • re-tell the story together
  • make a book together

All the above will help to enhance your relationship and create a happy knowledgeable child. Here at Willows, we make reading a fun, cosy experience by allocating each child their own spot to sit on for reading. We always have books relating to the topics and there are a range of genres available within their reach.