Remembrance Day at Willows Preschool Wimbledon

Remembrance Day at Willows Pre-school Wimbledon

At Willows Pre-School Wimbledon our children have done some amazing activities related to Remembrance Day, the children were engaged in decorating the Nursery with poppies, making a big card for the pensioners, and showing care about making their own poppies.

The teachers have explained to our children why we do reflect on this Important day explaining also that Remembrance Day is a time for us to think about wars from our past and the men and women who lost their lives as a result and how important is freedom for all of us.

Our Willows Pre-schoolers were fascinated by the story and their curiosity pushed them to ask: “why there are wars and why do people do the war if it is not nice and kind?”

All good questions show how children can elaborate complex concepts and inquiry about using their critical thinking.

Stimulating critical thinking in children enables them to have their points of view, and opinions about events, things, and life in general.
In our Willows Preschool Wimbledon, teachers always find a way to install curiosity in the children’s minds by extending their teaching with practical examples, bringing them to museums, or showing them monuments that celebrate, like in this case, the people who lost their lives during the war.