PIAGET Theory at Willows

PIAGET Theory at Willows

“Each time one prematurely teaches a child something he could have discovered himself, that child is kept from inventing it and consequently from understanding it completely.” Piaget (1959).

In his landmark work on child development, Piaget argued that children are natural scientists, constantly testing hypotheses and learning from their mistakes. According to Piaget, every time an adult intervenes and tells a child the answer to a question, the child is prevented from developing a deep understanding of the concept. This is because the child has not had the opportunity to discover the answer for himself. Instead, he has simply been fed the information by someone else. While it is important for adults to provide guidance and support, it is also crucial that we allow children the space to explore and experiment. Only then can they develop a true understanding of the world around them.

Jean Piaget

Willows teachers are flexible and tolerant, allowing your child to flourish. Our teachers model, scaffold and work alongside your child. When children are allowed to explore and figure things out for themselves, they develop a deep understanding of the concepts. However, children cannot do this without the guidance of an adult. Our teachers provide the structure and support that is needed for children to grow and succeed. Without this scaffolding, children would simply flounder around in the dark, unsure of what to do or where to go. So, it is essential that educators strike a balance between giving children the freedom to explore and giving them the guidance, they need to thrive.

As any parent knows, children are naturally curious creatures. They are constantly exploring their environment and testing new things. It is important for adults to allow children to take risks. It is through taking risks that children learn about their capabilities and gain a better understanding of the world around them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that adults should encourage children to engage in dangerous activities. But they should allow them to challenge themselves and explore their interests. By doing so, they will help the child to develop into a well-rounded individual.

We all know that children are brimming with energy and creativity. They are constantly exploring their world and trying new things. The skill of the Willows is that we create a safe environment, where your children can freely express their ideas with confidence. Our teachers are proactive in identifying potential hazards and taking steps to mitigate them as well as being patient and flexible, as children are often unpredictable. But when done correctly, this approach results in a rich learning experience for both the children and the teachers.