Healthy Living and Healthy Mind at Hammersmith

Healthy Living and Healthy Mind

Fueling Young Minds and Bodies: Healthy Living at Willows Pre-School

At Willows Pre-School, we understand the powerful connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. A balanced diet is essential for optimal learning and development. Studies consistently show that good nutrition supports not only mental well-being and cognitive function but also physical growth.

Nourishing Young Learners:

We take our commitment to children’s health very seriously. That’s why we have our own dedicated chefs who prepare delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meals from breakfast to teatime. These meals are designed to be well-balanced and cater to all dietary needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our chefs being awarded the prestigious Early Years’ Nutrition Specialist Award – a recognition shared by only one other setting in London!

Planting the Seeds of Healthy Choices:

We go beyond just serving healthy food; we actively promote healthy lifestyle choices in several ways:

  • Engaging Topics: Learning becomes interactive through engaging topics related to healthy living. A recent farm exploration, for example, allowed children to trace the journey of food from farm to supermarket shelves.
  • Interactive Activities: We incorporate a variety of activities that make learning about healthy habits fun. Topics like dentistry explore the impact of food on teeth, while “growing” activities explore food production – we even have our own garden where children get hands-on experience planting fruits and vegetables! Celebrating Earth Day sparks discussions about food waste and packaging.
  • Story Time Takes Flight: Our well-stocked library features books that subtly promote healthy eating habits. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” illustrates the importance of healthy choices, while stories like “Handa’s Surprise” introduce children to new fruits in a fun and relatable way. We also embrace cultural diversity through stories – a favorite being “Bilal’s Daal,” where a young boy shares his favorite dish with friends, encouraging them to explore new flavors.

Encouraging a Taste for Adventure:

We believe in fostering a spirit of exploration when it comes to food. We strive to introduce new foods whenever possible, especially during cultural and religious celebrations. This has exposed children to a delightful variety of tastes, from Pakistani mangoes to Chinese noodles, lentil curries, and even festive treats like brussels sprouts!

Cooking Up Curiosity:

Our little chefs get to participate in the culinary adventure! Frequent trips to local shops allow them to choose fresh, healthy ingredients for their next cooking experiments. Recently, they’ve whipped up delicious fruit salads and skewers, embarked on a Moroccan couscous adventure, and even baked traditional Scottish shortbread and Greek salads.

By combining a nutritious diet with engaging activities, Willows Pre-School lays the foundation for healthy habits that will benefit our children for years to come. We believe in nurturing curious minds and healthy bodies, one delicious bite and one exciting exploration at a time!