Hammersmith visits the Lavender Fields

Hammersmith visits the Lavender Fields

Trips such as these are very important for the children’s development across all areas, working on their fine and gross motor skills through drawing and running, learning about the world around them through personal experiences such as these, and also learning about risk-taking and self-awareness.

Our children have been very lucky to visit Mayfield Lavender Fields! In small groups, the children went onto the school bus and ventured out to the fields. Along the way, they talked about the various things they might see in the fields and what they would like to do when they get there.

Upon arrival, the children were greeted with a sea of purple flowers! Excitedly, they raced out of the bus and were drawn to the large stationary tractor located in the field. They took turns pretending to drive the tractor, being the farmer tending the fields. The children explored the lavender, looking at the small flowers and smelling them, and looking at the different wildlife that also came to see the flowers.

The children noticed several different types of bees in the fields. From honeybees to red-tailed black bumble bees. They talked about the importance of bees and why we should look after them and learned some ways to protect them. They also learned some cool facts about bees thanks to the fact plaques located around the fields!

They later stopped to have a picnic of sandwiches and fruit whilst talking about their trip so far and anything that looks interesting, they would like to explore next. The children also used this break as a chance to draw some of the flowers they had seen! Using an array of colours they drew their own interpretations of the flowers, fields, and critters they had seen; some children were lucky enough to spot a real rabbit!

The children also spotted a mirrored trailer in the fields, they explored the trailer and used its mirrored surface to make faces and see their reflection. The children had an amazing time exploring the fields and many of them may not have been able to do something like this outside of the nursery setting. They enjoyed showing their friends the pictures from their trip and telling their friends everything they had seen.