Hammersmith Trip on an Uber Boat!

Hammersmith Trip on an Uber Boat!

We believe that bring awe and wonder to children’s lives helps in a number of ways. Trips are a big part of our daily routines here at Willows and today there was an especially exciting trip for our Hammersmith pre-school children! Today, the preschoolers went on an Uber boat! They piled into the school bus and made their way to Putney Pier where they boarded an Uber boat. From there, they enjoyed views of London from the river. They sat back and watched outside as they sailed along to Battersea Power Station before hopping back onto the bus and heading back to the nursery to tell their friends about their amazing journey.

Children learn a lot in the first few years of life that sets them up for success once they reach school age. It is important to get their social and cognitive development started as soon as you can so they can absorb the proper skills to get them on the path to success when they go off to “Big School”. Children are active learners as they are constantly making connections with the world around them. With an innate drive to learn and explore, field trips are the perfect way for children to learn outside of a typical classroom setting.

Trips outside of the setting allow children to collaborate with their peers, explore new environments, make connections, problem solve, develop trust, and empathy. are both fun and memorable ways to promote academic success. With culturally enriching trips, children can make connections to other educational fields, gain first-hand experiences, and understand concepts on a deeper level.

Students benefit as they participate in unique experiences that build on their learning.

Most importantly, trips pique the interest of young learners, a key factor in children’s motivation to learn, inspiring students to engage with concepts in ways that are relevant and meaningful. Trips reinforce topics and ideas learned in the classroom. To further promote academic success, educators can provide both pre-trip and follow-up instruction!

All in all, the benefits of trips are undoubtedly tremendous as they promote real-world learning, social-emotional development, and academic success. We must continue to support our educators and advocate for meaningful experiences. Our children deserve opportunities to explore and make meaning outside of the classroom too. Do not forget to document your amazing trips to look back on!