Hammersmith Pre-School Trips

Hammersmith Pre-School Trips

Expanding Horizons: How Willows Pre-School Uses Trips to Ignite Curiosity

At Hammersmith Nursery, we believe that learning shouldn’t be confined to the walls of a classroom. That’s why we take pride in organizing regular outings, using our very own minibus to transport our curious explorers on exciting adventures! These trips serve a dual purpose: they provide a welcome change of scenery and allow our children to delve deeper into the topics they’re exploring at nursery.

A Journey Through Time at the Natural History Museum:

Our Hammersmith nursery recently embarked on a captivating journey to the Natural History Museum. Their topic? Prehistoric Art! Imagine the awe and wonder on the children’s faces as they came face-to-face with the very things they had been learning about all week. Seeing dinosaur skeletons, ancient tools, and cave paintings come to life was an unforgettable experience. It wasn’t just about observation; the trip sparked lively discussions amongst the children, where they shared the fascinating facts they had learned back at nursery. This interactive exploration solidified their understanding of prehistoric times in a way that textbooks simply couldn’t.

Expressing Themselves at the V&A Museum:

For our preschoolers at Hammersmith, self-expression took center stage. Their topic, “Expressing Ourselves,” explored the vast world of creativity. A trip to the renowned V&A Museum provided the perfect opportunity to witness this concept firsthand. From elaborate costumes and theatrical set designs to breathtaking sculptures and captivating artwork, the children were exposed to a diverse range of expressions. This visual feast undoubtedly sparked their own imaginations and encouraged them to explore their own unique ways of expressing themselves.

Toddler Adventures in the Great Outdoors:

Our little toddlers are brimming with curiosity about the world around them. To satisfy their thirst for exploration, we organize frequent trips to various parks across London. These parks become exciting discovery zones, filled with vibrant plants, fascinating animals, intriguing adventure areas, and the thrill of nature hunts! As they scamper through the grass, climb structures, and observe the creatures around them, their senses are ignited, and their understanding of the natural world deepens.

Sensory Exploration for Our Youngest Learners:

Even our youngest Willows members get to experience the joy of outings! Our babies are whisked away to nearby parks, where they can explore their local environment in a safe and stimulating way. Gentle strolls along the River Thames allow them to witness the beauty of nature and the changing seasons. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Trips to local parks provide opportunities for sensory exploration. Imagine the delight on a baby’s face as they feel the soft touch of grass, the cool smoothness of stones, and the intriguing texture of sand for the first time. These seemingly simple experiences are crucial for sensory development and lay the foundation for future learning.

A World of Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls:

These outings are more than just fun excursions; they are a vital part of the Willows Pre-School experience. They allow our children to learn through real-world experiences, fostering a love of learning that extends far beyond the classroom walls. As they explore museums, parks, and their local surroundings, they build knowledge, develop social skills, and gain a deeper appreciation for the world around them. So buckle up, little explorers – your next Willows adventure awaits!