Hammersmith Crazy Hair Day

Hammersmith Crazy Hair Day

Here at Willows Pre-School, we encourage the children to be creative wherever possible and express themselves in a fun, and healthy way and today is one of those days when the children are encouraged to really think outside of the box!

Today is Crazy Hair Day! We are celebrating the day by inviting the children to come in with the wackiest, most colourful hairstyles they can think of! On Crazy Hair Day, kids are encouraged to come in with the wackiest and most creative hair design that they can imagine – hair gel, unique hair colours, and even toys incorporated in the kids’ hairstyles are all accepted today

At Willows we recognise the importance of creative play. Our aim is to allow children to explore their true creativity in ways they may never have before, finding ways to use technology they know and love to expand on their own creations and open up endless possibilities.

Nurturing creativity can prepare children for an uncertain future. Creative individuals have better practical skills, suggesting that teachers should nurture creativity by cutting back on time spent in “chalk and talk” mode to leave more time for hands-on learning. Praising creative work to convey its importance is a key approach here at Willows alongside encouraging the children to think critically and independently. We do this by asking questions with no right or wrong answers to encourage their children to form their own opinions.

One of the great things about Crazy Hair Day is how creative the celebration is. It is that anyone can take part. There are no right or wrong answers and no end goals. For children of all abilities, the opportunity to freely express themselves without limits or rules will give them a sense of freedom whilst also unknowingly helping them develop problem-solving and resilience. And, for some people, creative activities can be an important method of communication.

The children have had an amazing time and have enjoyed celebrating not only their creativity but also their individuality and acceptance of things that they may not see on a daily basis.