Describing an object in full sentences

Describing an object in full sentences

This task allows the child to use their imagination and creative thinking whilst also reinforcing and extending their descriptive vocabulary using full sentences. It also helps them to understand how to follow simple instructions.

When children are asked questions or asked to describe objects, their answers provide insights into how they process and use information. If they can answer detailed questions or provide descriptions in full sentences, it shows that they are able to take known information and apply it in a new way. This ability to use known information in a logical way is an important indicator of future potential. As children grow and encounter new challenges, those who can flexibly apply what they know will be better equipped to solve problems and find creative solutions. Therefore, being able to answer questions and describe objects in full sentences is a valuable skill that is worth encouraging in all children.

Put 5/6 objects on a table and then take one e.g a ball and then describe it to your child.

This is a red ball; I can throw it/ squish it/ roll it.

Ask your child to pick anything from the remaining objects and then describe it in the same way. This time they ARE prompted to describe the object by various questions from the teacher. The teacher wants them to answer all the questions in FULL SENTENCES.

For instance, a child might pick a red wooden block:

Q. What do you have?

A. I have a red block.

A. I have a red block that is smooth

A.I have a red block that can be used for building a house.

The last answer uses more vocabulary

You can ask open-ended questions and engage in conversation.

E.g. Why use a block to build a house and not a triangle? Just enjoy it and see where it takes you!