Chris’ Volcanic Experiment at Colliers Wood

Chris’ Volcanic Experiment at Colliers Wood

Willows Colliers Wood Nursery Erupts with Science!

This month at Willows Pre-School – Colliers Wood, learning went from fiery hot to scientifically explosive! Our adventure began with a focus on the brave firefighters and the crucial role they play in keeping our communities safe. But the spark of curiosity didn’t stop there! As the children explored different types of fires, the conversation naturally ignited towards the most awe-inspiring natural blaze – volcanoes!

Fueled by a thirst for knowledge, we embarked on a mission to understand volcanic eruptions. But how do we bring the fiery power of a volcano to life in a safe and engaging way for young minds? Enter the classic (and always exciting) science experiment: the diet cola and Mentos geyser!

Imagine the scene: eager young scientists, armed with a tube of minty ammunition (Mentos!), a bottle of bubbly volcanic fuel (diet cola!), and a sturdy cardboard launching pad. With a careful countdown and a collective gasp of excitement, the eruption commenced! As the Mentos made contact with the soda, a fizzy frenzy erupted, sending a geyser of liquid skyward, mimicking the dramatic power of a real volcano.

This wasn’t just about spraying soda – it was a learning experience disguised as a scientific spectacle! The children witnessed firsthand the incredible force created by the rapid release of carbon dioxide gas, a key component in volcanic eruptions. Seeing the scientific principles come to life in such a thrilling way solidified their understanding of these fiery mountains.

The explosive eruption of the Mentos and soda marked the perfect finale to an action-packed month at Willows Colliers Wood. It was a month filled with exploration, discovery, and a healthy dose of scientific wonder. Who knew learning about firefighters could lead to a volcanic adventure? At Willows, curiosity is always encouraged, and sometimes, the most exciting lessons come in the form of fizzy explosions!