Butterflies go to the Natural History Museum

Butterflies go to the Natural History Museum

Butterflies Take Flight on a Prehistoric Adventure!

Curious minds soared at Willows Pre-school this week as the Butterflies embarked on a thrilling field trip to the legendary Natural History Museum in South Kensington! Their adventure began with a guided tour through the dinosaur gallery, where they were left speechless by the colossal animatronic T-Rex, its gaping jaws and surprisingly small claws a sight to behold.

Next, they met ‘Dippy,’ the UK’s most famous dinosaur, further igniting their fascination with these prehistoric giants. The sheer scale of these creatures brought gasps and wide eyes, transporting the young explorers back millions of years.

But the journey didn’t stop with dinosaurs! The Butterflies delved deep into the Earth’s core, learning about volcanoes and even experiencing a mini-earthquake on a simulator. This hands-on experience offered a thrilling glimpse into the power of nature’s forces.

The exploration continued with the museum’s captivating aquatic life collection. From the tiniest creatures to the awe-inspiring blue whale, the children encountered a dazzling array of underwater wonders.

This informative and exciting day trip, fueled by the Willows minibus, undoubtedly sparked a passion for the natural world in these young explorers. We can’t wait to hear all about their discoveries and see their imaginations take flight!