Bring Mummy to School Day at Hammersmith Nursery

Bring Mummy to School Day at Hammersmith Nursery

Each year for Mother’s Day we invite the mothers to come into the Hammersmith Nursery and spend a morning with their children. They join us to take part in a few themed activities. In the baby room, the mothers were invited to take part in a range of different crafting activities with their children and the other families in the class. Bring mummy to school day is a great opportunity for the mothers to see what their children have been doing recently but it is also a wonderful chance for the children to show off the classrooms they are so proud of! It also allows the mothers to come together and catch up with the other parents and staff.

The baby room had their very own bake-off today! The mummies were invited to bake some cookies with their babies and decorate them. They had so much fun they didn’t want to leave! They also played some games in the garden (enjoying the dry weather before it turns!) and shared stories of all the funny things their children do at home and how they compare to at nursery.

The Toddler Room invited their mummies to join them in making some flowers! They used a range of sticking materials to create their beautiful flowers. In keeping with the theme of growth, the children talked to their mummies about the different parts of flowers such as the stem, leaves, and petals. The children also made a range of playdough structures with their mummies and played some games together.

In the Pre-School room, the children encouraged their parents to help them create a miniature statue using clay. They painted them together and took them home once they had dried. The mummies and their children were also given the opportunity to paint their own bouquet of flowers using a real bouquet in the middle as inspiration! For their mothers day cards, the preschool room also created a photo booth! They took pictures with their mummies which were used later in the day to create some Mother’s Day cards.

The children and their mummies had lots of fun together today! They were able to show off their classrooms and show their mummies all the wonderful artwork and activities they have been doing recently.