Big Red Bus Trip

Wimbledon on a “Big Red Bus” trip

This week at Wimbledon Nursery, the theme was all about things that go! (Transport) To bring the topic to life, our Willows Pre-schoolers embarked on an exciting field trip with none other than Ted, our friendly minibus driver, at the helm! Our first stop: Battersea Power Station. Here, the children enjoyed a delightful snack break while marvelling at the majestic Uber Boat gracefully gliding across the water, carrying passengers on their journeys.

A flurry of curious questions filled the air: “What’s it like to live on a boat?” “How does it stay afloat?” Our teachers seized this opportunity to discuss the lives of courageous sailors and the fascinating science behind buoyancy, allowing the children to understand how these magnificent vessels navigate vast stretches of water.

The adventure didn’t stop there! We set off on foot towards Putney Pier, with safety first on our minds. We patiently waited for the green light before crossing the road, reinforcing the importance of road safety. As we boarded the bus, a symphony of chatter erupted as the children excitedly pointed out passing cars, bicycles, and all sorts of vehicles. It was heartwarming to see them engaged in lively conversations, sharing their experiences and igniting each other’s imaginations.

But the journey wasn’t just about transportation – it was about fostering friendships too! Our Willows Pre-schoolers made new connections with fellow passengers, their laughter echoing through the bus. This trip was a treasure trove of experiences: exploring the world, building friendships, and expressing emotions and opinions. The memories formed will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come.

Back at preschool, we can’t wait to continue our exploration of transportation! We’ll be creating artwork depicting our favourite vehicles, reading stories about exciting journeys, and even building miniature boats that float in our very own water tray. We’re sure this trip will continue to spark curiosity and learning in our young explorers!

Multi-Cultural Day!

Multi-Cultural Day!

Today at Willows Pre-school we are celebrating our differences through Multi-Cultural Day! Each year, we ask the children and staff to come to the nursery wearing clothes from different countries and cultures.

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