All children love to play - they are amazing at it

All children love to play – they are amazing at it

Children learn best through play and children love to play. That’s why their time at Willows is such an important time for exploration and discovery. Through play, children can learn about cause and effect, practice new skills, and try out different roles. And it’s not just about having fun – research has shown that children who engage in more playful activities have better academic outcomes later on.

So, if you’re ever feeling guilty about letting your child play instead of doing schoolwork, just remember that they’re getting a head start on their education!

While many of us might worry our children aren’t playing enough, The WillowsWay embraces the hidden potential for play throughout the day. We believe these playful moments are brimming with learning opportunities!

Imagine breakfast transforming into a pirate adventure. Spoons become oars as children set sail on a breakfast tray ship, fueled by their imaginations. Walks become discovery quests, with teachers pointing out fascinating sights and sounds, sparking questions and igniting curiosity. Even chores can be a playful adventure! Cleaning up games becomes a race to see who can put away the most toys, adding a dash of friendly competition and laughter.

By weaving play into everyday moments, we unlock a world of learning and development for your child. It’s not just about fun (although there’s plenty of that too!), it’s about fostering important skills in a way that feels natural and engaging.