Activities for Maths

Activities for Maths

Counting out loud

This extended learning using maths is designed to test your child’s knowledge of animals, numbers, and confidence. Two bowls are placed on a table, one of which is empty. The other bowl is filled with around 20-30 toy animals. The children are asked to pick up a certain number of animals and place them into the empty bowl, whilst counting out loud. For example, a child might pick up two lions and four birds, articulating as she puts them into the bowl: “one lion, two lions, three lions, four lions. I have put four lions in the bowl.” This assessment helps to gauge the child’s understanding of numbers and their ability to count confidently. It also tests their knowledge of different types of animals.

Number Sequences

Learning numbers doesn’t have to be a chore! There are plenty of fun and interactive ways to extend your child’s understanding of numbers. One easy way is to put numbered cards in order. You can start with a small number of cards (1-20) and then gradually increase the number of cards as your child’s confidence grows. This activity is great for helping your child to understand number sequences and develop their problem-solving skills. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for bonding and quality time together. So, get those numbered cards out and have some fun!

Recognising shapes

Dividing a piece of paper into a table of six squares is a great way to help kids learn about shapes. The top row can have three different shapes, such as a circle, triangle, and square. Girls can then be asked to replicate each shape in the square below. This activity helps kids to learn about the different properties of shapes, and it also gives them a chance to practice their fine motor skills. Additionally, it’s a great way to help kids learn to follow instructions. By the end of this activity, kids will have a better understanding of shapes and they’ll also have a chance to show off their creativity.