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At Willows we believe that to provide the best possible early years education it is vital that there is a strong, healthy relationship between teachers, parents and children alike. So don't just take out word for it listen to what our parents have to say...

“Education is that which remains, if one has forgotten everything learned in school”
– Einstein quoting a “wit”

What does this mean?

Willows takes the clarity of this quote attributed to Einstein to mean that the primary usefulness of education is not in the subjects we become skilled in, but in the acquisition of other mental skills such as curiosity, independent thinking, resilience, perseverance, individuality, and balanced risk taking. This describes The Willows Way® – a unique and bespoke approach to enabling environments that has been clearly shown to create school readiness and lay the foundations for a lifelong love of learning to learn.

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How is this assessed?

All early years’ provisions are obliged to follow a tracker that determines age dependent progress from birth to the end of reception. Willows has created an algorithm to assess this progress both for individual children and cohorts. These data clearly show that all children make significant progress from all starting points often operating at levels that exceed their age associated progress.

Perhaps the most compelling confirmation of our ethos is that provided independently by local schools that employ an entry assessment to determine school readiness and future potential. These schools are representative of the very best this country has to offer. Importantly, all our children, regardless of their next steps benefit from The Willows Way®.


The success of each child achieving their full potential is almost incidental at Willows, a by-product of everything else we do – which is how it should be. The result is happy resilient children bursting with confidence. At Willows we welcome your views on your child’s development.

Willows Pre-School Nursery have locations in Wimbledon, Colliers Wood with Hammersmith and Maidenhead opening soon. We are Merton Best Business award winners and are committed to the Early Years Nutrition Partnership providing children with better nutrition for a brighter future.

We are an inclusive pre-school for children aged 1-5, following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.

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