Pre-School / Nursery Teacher Position

Elevate Early Years Education with WillowsWay – QTS or EYFS

Begin Your Willows Preschool Journey with a £27K Starting Salary.

Aspire to be an extraordinary preschool teacher? Willows Preschool is looking for passionate teachers with QTS, EYFS or Level 6 qualifications, ready to pioneer our evidence-based teaching philosophy, the WillowsWay. Inspired by the latest in educational research, WillowsWay is our unique pedagogy designed to cultivate curiosity, kindness, mindfulness, and resilience in young learners.

By joining our team, you’ll receive:

  • Competitive Compensation: A rewarding starting salary of £27,000, reflecting your critical role in shaping early learning experiences.
  • Robust Professional Development: Comprehensive training in the WillowsWay approach, propelling you to the forefront of early childhood education.
  • A Fulfilling Career Path: The chance to impact young lives, fostering a love of learning and setting them up for long-term success.
  • Willows Preschool is not just a workplace—it’s a community where passionate educators thrive and lead the way in innovative early years teaching practices.

Ready to inspire and be inspired? Apply now and grow with us at Willows Preschool!

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